Foxy Joxy Plays A Trick

Foxy Joxy, a sly fox, sells watermelons. One day he has a clever idea. The animals were not happy. What will they do to teach him a lesson?


Bahiya is a special little zebra but she doesn’t want to have stripes like all the others. When she comes up with a quirky idea to look unique, she knows that her friend, Dalia the Hippo, can help. However, the little zebra returns home and no one seems to appreciate her stunning new look. Will Bahiya realise how special she is and accept her own stripes?

The Lunch Box.jpg

The Lunchbox is for children aged 9 – 11 years. It has a good story about a clever boy who tricked a monkey to get his lunch box back, and mangoes too.


a b ch kwa Zanzibar (Kiswahili) is written for children between 7 and 9 years. The ABC of Zanzibar (available in Swahili only)

Toby the giraffe.jpg

Toby the giraffe is for children aged 5 – 8 years. It is a story about the giraffe that is getting ready to visit his friends as they count one to ten.

Rina the rhinoceros is for children aged 5 to 8 years. It has a good story about a rhinoceros who walks around and discovers a lot about the environment.



Gida the baby elephant.jpg

Gida the baby elephant is for children aged 9 -11 years. It is a story about an elephant that is looking for water to quench its thirst.



Mr Zebra goes to the market.jpg

Mr Zebra goes to the market is for children aged 8 -10. It’s a story about the zebra that went to the market to buy tomatoes, he meets Mr Rabbit and his children and they decide touse a trick to make money.


What is Islam is a simplified presentation of the religion of Islam for young people. It explains the fundamental teachings of Islam and focuses on the many similarities between Christianity and Islam. The goal of this book is to remove common misunderstandings about Islam and its teachings.


A fun and educational book for all ages.

Masses of activities, including puzzles, drawing, coloring, word search, mazes and spot the difference.

Mahmood my Hero.jpg

Available in English and Swahili

Mimi ni Bakari.jpg

I am Bakari (English, Swahili and Maa)

Meet Bakari, a young boy from Zanzibar, who tells us about his intersetng life. Meet his friends and family and find out about all the wonderful things he does in his home, the legendary Spice Island.

I am Musa.jpg

I am Musa (English and Swahili)

Meet Musa, a little boy from Durban and hear how he spends his day. To the masjid, back home and at school. Musa is sociable, helpful and organized.

This is Islam Cover.jpg

This is Islam is an easy to understand book for children who have questions about the Islamic faith. It explains the fundamental tenets of Islam, and draws on similarities between Christianity and Islam. Children may be amazed to learn that there are many common grounds between these two religions.

Rozy na Peter wanacheza dama (Swahili).jpg

Rozy na Peter play hopscotch.

(Available only in Swahili)