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Ivory Stars is Tanzania’s first ever all-girls football team consisting of people with albinism.

As International Albinism Day appraoches, the team wants to do something unique to prove to the world that they are capable beyond their stereotypes. Their sheer determination will be necessary to prove they can take up challenges just as anyone else.

Tatu (the team leader) and the players, decide to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Will they succeed?

Join the girls on their adventure to the summit of the highest peak in Africa and find out what shocking news awaits them on their way down. Find out what plot is planned against them and whether they come out of it safely or not.

This is the second book in the series is ‘Living in the Shade’

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Lessilie the City Maasai is the story of a young Maasai boy growing up outside his community. His father, a Maasai marries a Kikuyu woman from Kenya, which results in his rejection by his people. Lessilies journey from the city to the world of the Maasai starts when his father passes away. Will he be able to live like the Maasai? Can he prove that he really can be a warrior like his father? His adventure teaches him more about life than he ever imagined. He not only learns to read animal tracks but realizes the great power within himself.

This book touches on aspects of the challenges faced by the Maasai, and the threat from the fading of their culture, in this new era.


Bakari and Omari live on the island of Zanzibar and are the best of friends. It is the beginning of a long holiday and they are excited about what adventures are in store. Bakari’s beloved grandmother comes to visit the family, bringing with her many gifts – including a new friend for the boys! One day while exploring the boys discover hidden treasure. The boys, nicknamed ‘The detectives of Shangani’, embark on a quest to discover the secrets of what they have found. They travel around the Spice Islands and meet strange characters, all to discover the mystery of the lost rubies!

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Tatu is a young albino girl from the outskirts of Dar Es Salam, Tanzania. Living in a society that is ignorant about albinism, Tatu endures tremendous hardship. Cultural belief and superstition lead people around Tatu to believe she has a disease and supernatural powers. At school she is treated unfairly and is ignored and shunned by the neighbourhood.

Superstitious beliefs mean that Tatu’s life is in constant danger. She is oblivious to the gang lurking around, waiting to pounce and kidnap her and other albinos only to be sold to witchdoctors.

Can Tatu avoid being kidnapped?

Does she have the confidence and the power to resist the gang?

The story is set in a time when Tanzania received international attention and media coverage on severe and brutal attacks on albinos. There was an outcry for justice for those afflicted.

This book touches on aspects of the causes of albinism and how educating a society can change people’s mindsets.

Karafu: A Freed Slave